Advance Welding Inc.
Advance Welding Inc.


My name is Patrick Sween and I’d like to introduce you to ADVANCE WELDING, specializing in structural steel fabrication, architectural metal fabrications, welding projects that require extra attention to detail, and technical support. We also fabricate in stainless steel and aluminum.
What makes ADVANCE WELDING stand apart from other welding companies is our service, professionalism, and prompt response to our customer’s needs.

Structural Steel Fabrication
  •  LA City Licensed Fabricator for structural steel, high strength steel, re-bar and light gauge.
  •  Specializing in projects under 50 tons, including remodels and new construction.
  •  Next day delivery of steel frequently available.
  •  Call for an estimate.

Stainless steel and aluminum
  • Stainless steel fabrication and repair.
  • Water cooled TIG welding enables us to fabricate aluminum parts with an aircraft quality appearance.

Miscellaneous steel
  • This includes custom miscellaneous structural steel parts often used to hold wood framing components together similar to Simpson type saddles or buckets.
  • Embed plates and brackets, and ledger angles.
  • Custom fabricated metal parts.

Architectural and Ornamental Iron
  • Custom railings
  • Architectural (non structural) steel.
  • Stairs and ladders

Technical Support
  • Our in house quality control program allows us to meet today’s tighter requirements in weld quality and to provide you with welders or weld procedures qualified to any standard.

Have a problem? ADVANCE WELDING has the solution! Have a question? ADVANCE WELDING has the answer! Even if you just need some technical advice, ADVANCE WELDING can provide consultation.
Please call me at (310) 221-0007.